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Resources -Las Brisas HOA Quick Info

Follow this link to read the Rules and Regulations

Follow this link to read the Las Brisas Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restictions.

Follow this link to read the Las Brisas By Laws.

The HOA Board meets on the 3rd Thursday of each month at 7 PM. Meetings are currently being held via Zoom and the meeting link is posted on this website on the day of the meeting, along with the meeting agenda. These meetings are open to all. The December board meeting is held on the 2nd rather than 3rd Thursday of the month.

Community Safety

Please contact the Tempe Police non-emergency line with any concerns regarding violation of local and state laws.

Grilling on balconies and other combustible surfaces is strictly prohibited. 

Parking in fire lanes is a safety concern and cars parked on curbs painted red are subject to immediate towing. 


How do I…?

Pay Monthly HOA Dues
The current monthly dues are $262
. Pay in one of three ways:

  • Mail a check to the HOA mailing address (shown above);

  • Drop a check in the clubhouse slot at 1815 S. River;

  • By Auto-Pay. Submit the application form included in the New Homeowner Kit. The auto pay form is also available for download on this website. 

Write your lot number on the check. Since the HOA lot number may differ from your official settlement papers, refer to the Las Brisas map in your kit or leave a phone message to find out your HOA lot number.

With your check, include a payment coupon. A pre-printed coupon book is mailed to you at the start of each year. New owners should call the HOA and ask for a coupon book to use for the balance of the year (if not included in your welcome kit). If not pre-printed, write your address and lot number on each month’s coupon.


Make a Maintenance Request
Maintenance requests can be made through the Maintenance tab on this website. You can also pick up maintenance forms from the clubhouse mailbox at 1815 S. River. Follow the instructions on the form and deposit the white and yellow copies in the clubhouse slot at 1815 S. River.


Get Approval To Make Changes To My Home

Any modification to the exterior of a home requires prior authorization from the HOA board. This includes changes to fences/walls, moving the location or changing the style of a door or window, changes to the roof structure, etc. Interior modifications do not require board approval as long as they will not result in exterior changes. If you are interested in making changes to the exterior of your home, please reach out to the HOA board via phone or email so we can send you the appropriate forms and discuss your plans.

Replace a Pool key
If the previous owner did not leave a key, you may get a key by filling out the Pool Key Deposit form or contact the HOA at 480-303-0251. One key opens the gates at all Las Brisas pools. There is a $20 deposit for the first key. The deposit to replace a lost pool key increases by $20 per lost key and resets with each new homeowner. 


Request Space in the RV Lot
The RV lot is located at the end of S. River Dr. Please email or call the HOA to inquire about available space (contact information listed below). There is a $20 deposit for the key and a monthly rental of $25.

Replace a Mailbox Key

Mailbox keys are distributed by the post office. If you have lost your mailbox key please contact the post office.


Report Parking Violations

Please email or call the board to report parking violations. Pictures included in email are very helpful. along with a description of the vehicle. 

Deal with Criminal Activity

In addition to calling the police – for emergencies – 911, for non-emergencies (loud parties, speeding, etc., call 480-350-8311, please report all incidents to the HOA and provide the police incident report number.


Insurance Agent
Please do not contact the insurance company directly with a claim, please go through the Board by calling 480-303-0251 or emailing
 The certificate of insurance for our Master Policy can be downloaded from the Printable Forms tab.

Where is…?

The Las Brisas pools are located at 1815 S. River, next to 1901 Shannon, and at the corner of Torre Molinos and Sanos. To obtain a key contact the HOA.

Post Office
The P.O. for ZIP 85281 is at 1962 E. Apache Blvd. See the Tempe information sheet for other Tempe locations. The closest P.O. is at Broadway and Roosevelt in Mesa (a few blocks east of the 101 on the right).

Club House

The club house is located off of River Drive next to the pool when you enter the community. There is a gold mailslot next to the sliding glass door where checks, forms, etc can be dropped. Please contact the HOA board via phone or email if you are interested in renting the club house. Club house rental is free but we do require a $100 deposit via check to rent the clubhouse, which will be returned following your event. 


When is…?

Trash pickup
Wednesday. Please wait until Tuesday evening to place your black bin by the curb and bring bins back in on Wednesday after pick up.

Recycle pickup
Monday. Please wait until Sunday evening to place your black bin by the curb and bring bins back in on Monday after pick up.

Bulk Trash Pick Up

Bulk trash pick up occurs every 2 months. Please refer to this website to find the next bulk pick up date for Area B:


Exterior Paint Colors

Exterior unit paint and stucco is regularly maintained per Community guidelines. The approved paint colors are below, through Sherwin Williams:

Old Color Scheme (brown and tan, current color of most of the community):
Exterior Trim: Reddened Earth - SW 6053
Exterior Stucco/Walls: Pueblo - SW 7711

New Color Scheme (dark brown and white, painted started in Dec 2020)
Exterior Trim: Black Bean - SW 6006
Exterior Stucco/Walls: Dover White - SW 6385


Railroad Information

Union Pacific, owns the property behind the north walls of the property. They are
responsible for keeping the area clean from dumping and suspicious
activity. We’ve had two fires this year on the other side of the railroad wall, which could jepordize our property. If you see any problems, call the railroad immediately (in addition to the local fire and/or police departments) at 1-888-877-7267. More information is available at


Pest Control

Our community uses Bug Off Pest Control to treat common areas on the last Friday of each month in the afternoon.
Residents are eligible for a discounted rate on pest control services provided on the day common areas are sprayed. The discounted rate is $30 for indoor and outdoor treatment and $20 for outdoor treatment only. Treatment can be scheduled by calling Bug Off Pest Control at 480-370-5075. Mention your community, and schedule your services on the same day as the rest of the

Covid-19 Housing Assistance Funds

Please use the following link to access housing assistance funds ( if you meet the following criteria:

  • Currently Experiencing Delinquency

  • Have an income equal to or less than 150% of the area median income.

  • Experienced a Covid related financial hardship after January 21, 2020.

  • Be Applying for your Primary Residence.

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