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Current projects 

We have several ongoing community improvement projects at this time. We are working to paint all of the homes in the community with a new, modern color scheme. This project is expected to take several more years to complete. We are also working to xeriscape portions of our community in order to maintain the integrity of stucco areas that were previously damaged by sprinklers as well as to reduce water use.

Maintenance Requests

Please use the form below to request repairs. Before submitting, please review the items below to determine if repairs fall under homeowner or HOA responsibility. 


Maintenance that is the responsibility of the HOA:

  • Roof leaks, roof repair, and roof replacement

  • Exterior repairs including gates and stucco

  • Landscaping of areas outside of front and back patios/yards

  • Carport and balcony repairs

  • Structures that are part of original home design, including some backyard coverings

Maintenance that is the responsibility of the Homeowner:

  • All home interiors

  • Landscaping and structures inside of front and back yards/patios

  • Plumbing and water lines out to the main city line, including lines that run outside of property borders and under streets or common areas (this is a City of Tempe regulation)

  • All electrical items 

  • Door and window repair and replacement, including garage doors. This also includes the framing around doors and windows.

If you have any questions about who is responsible for a specific type of maintenance, please fill out the form below and we will be happy to clarify!

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