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A Southwest Community

Tempe, Arizona

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A Southwest Community

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Services & Schedules

Grounds Care

Landscaping & Pools

The common areas of Las Brisas (grass, trees, bushes, shrubs) are landscaped and maintained on a weekly basis. Pools also are serviced several times per week to keep them clean.
To report an issue with the Pools, use the Resident Inquirypage.

Pest Control

Our community uses Bug Off Pest Control to treat common areas on the last Friday of each month in the afternoon.
Residents are eligible for a discounted rate on pest control services provided on the day common areas are sprayed. The discounted rate is $30 for indoor and outdoor treatment and $20 for outdoor treatment only. Treatment can be scheduled by calling Bug Off Pest Control at 480-370-5075. Mention your community, and schedule your services on the same day as community.


The grounds, common areas and exterior portions of units are maintained by Las Brisas under the community Rules & By-Laws. This includes limited exterior repairs, landscaping, and pool maintenance.
For additional information, coverages, or to report an issue, please contact the Board via the Resident Inquiry page. You will be contacted via email or phone from the information provided in your submission.

Recycling/Trash Pickup Schedule

 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Mixed Waste

Please visit the Tempe Collection Schedule page for detailed normal pickup, holiday and geen and mixed waste pickup schedules, along with allowed/disallowed items.
Also, refer to our community Rules & Regulations for guidelines on waste bins.

Tempe Recycling Programs

The City of Tempe offers Mixed Waste and Green Organics pickup for free, on scheduled days throughout the city.
Refer to their flyer for the full schedule:
Mixed Trash and Green Organics Pickup
(also on our site Calendar)

Information and Links

View Tempe's Recycling page for more information on what can be recycled, and how to do it:
Residential Recycling

Use Tempe 311 to order a new trash/recycling can, contact the City and more.
Tempe 311


Mailing Address:
1753 E. Broadway Rd.
Suite #101-301
Tempe, AZ 85282

Email: Contact Form
(fastest method)


Fax: 480-303-5323


Mailing Address:
1753 E. Broadway Rd.
Suite #101-301
Tempe, AZ 85282
Fax: 480-303-5323

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Tempe Police:

Graffiti Hotline: 480-350-8384

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