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A Southwest Community

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General Guidelines


Mailbox Keys

Mailbox keys are distributed by the US Postal Service.
For more information, to request a key, or report mailbox issues/damage, refer to USPS Frequently Asked Questions.

Pool Keys

If the previous owner did not leave a Pool Key, or your key is lost a new one may be requested by printing and filling out a Pool Key Deposit Form, and dropping it off at the Clubhouse mail slot with the fee enclosed.
For first-time key replacements, there is a fee of $20. Any subsequent replacements may incur an additional cost.
For any questions, please reach out to the Board via the Resident Inquiry Form.


Pets & Your Responsibility

Our community features several pet waste receptacles with disposable baggies. They are provided for additional convenience when walking your pet on our property.

Animals must be kept restrained when walking them around our community, per the Arizona Leash Law. Offenders can be reported to Maricopa County Leash Law form HERE.

Pet waste must be picked up and properly disposed of, regardless of if a receptacle is available or not. It is against Tempe city ordinance to leave animal waste, per Sec. 21-3(b). Enumerated Violations.

Please report any issues with the pet waste receptacles to the Board at the contact information at the bottom of this page.


General Pool Use Guidelines

  • There is no lifeguard on duty. Use of the pools are at your own risk.
  • Pool hours are from 7AM to 10PM. 
  • Pool gates must be securely locked/closed at all times. It is against regulation and City Ordinances to have unsecured access to pools.
  • Pool use is for residents and authorized guests only.
  • No animals are allowed in any of the secured pool areas except for service animals. No exceptions.
  • Anyone under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult resident of the community.
  • No glass is allowed in or around any of the pool areas.
  • Please be respectful of the space and other residents; properly dispose of your used food items when finished, be mindful of noise.
  • Observe and abide by all posted signs and placards.
Please refer to the official Rules and Regulations in your New Homeowner package, or in the Rules & By-Laws area of this site for any questions.
Las Brisas is bound by the Maricopa County Health Provisions - Chapter 6 Section 1 code for pool usage.

If you have any questions, please contact the Board via the Resident Inquiry Form.

Recreation/Storage Areas

Las Brisas has several covered and uncovered areas for recreation. Each area has a trash receptacle and features a table with seating for gatherings.
These areas are first-come, first-served. Please be respectful of the space by properly disposing of any used food and/or waste items when finished. This includes picking up pet waste.

Recreation Room

The community has a Recreation Room near the main entrance that can be reserved by using the Resident Inquiry Form. A Board member will follow up with you with additional information.

Storage Lot

Las Brisas has a moderately-sized storage lot that is open during certain hours of the day. There is a $20 deposit for the RV lot key, and a monthly lot rental fee of $25.
Residents will need to fill out and drop off the completed RV Lot Authorization Form at the Clubhouse mail slot, along with the funds.

Renting Your Property

If you are a current property owner in Las Brisas and would like to rent your property, please ensure that a Renter Information Form is completed and sent to the Board in a timely manner. Please also provide a copy of the community Rules, Regulations and Covenants (listed on the Resources area of this site) to any tenants.

This ensures that any tenants are aware of commnity guidelines, and provides the Board means of contact if needed to the persons living in the property.

Short-Term/Vacation Rentals (VRBO, AirBNB, HomeAway, etc.)

Per City of Tempe ordinance Section 3-428 - Vacation and Short-Term Rentals. - Ordinance O2019.53, the below guidelines are to be followed:

  • Property owners are to provide contact information to the city for complaints and emergencies.
  • Any changes to contact information are to be provided to the City of Tempe in no less than 10 days prior to the date of change, in writing.
  • This emergency contact information is to be posted in a prominent area within the vacation/short-term rental unit.
  • A vacation rental or short-term rental must at all times comply with all federal, state, and local laws, rules and regulations related to public health, safety, sanitation, solid waste, hazardous waste, tax privilege licensing including advertising requirements, traffic control, pollution control, noise, property maintenance, and nuisance abatement.
  • Non-residential use of a vacation/short-term rental is prohibited.
  • A vacation rental or short-term rental operator may not offer a vacation rental or short-term rental for rent without a current transaction privilege tax license.
  • In addition to City of Tempe requirements, all Las Brisas community Rules and Regulations are to be provided as well.
For any questions regarding the ordinance, please contact City of Tempe.

Unit Exterior Care

Cleanliness/Water Usage

Please keep exterior spaces, including carports, free from debris and unsightly items. Be mindful of water usage and courteous when sharing parking spaces.


Paint/stucco on unit exteriors is regularly maintained per Community guidelines.
Approved exterior paint colors are registered with Home Depot under the 'Las Brisas' account at the store below:
Home Depot - 853 N. Dobson Rd, Mesa, AZ 85201

Please refer to community Rules & By-Laws for full guidelines.


Mailing Address:
1753 E. Broadway Rd.
Suite #101-301
Tempe, AZ 85282

Email: Contact Form
(fastest method)


Fax: 480-303-5323


Mailing Address:
1753 E. Broadway Rd.
Suite #101-301
Tempe, AZ 85282
Fax: 480-303-5323

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Tempe Police:

Graffiti Hotline: 480-350-8384

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