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A Southwest Community

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A Southwest Community

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Dues & Meetings

Association Dues

The current community dues are $214 and can be paid monthly via the following methods:

  • Mail a check to the community mailing address (shown at the bottom of this page), or drop a check with a payment coupon in the Clubhouse mail slot.
  • By monthly Auto-Pay. Submit the application form included in the New Homeowner Kit or print one out using the link below.

Please ensure that any checks sent include your lot number as well as a payment coupon in the envelope. Refer to the Las Brisas map for your correct lot number (since this may differ from official settlement papers), or contact the Board.


Las Brisas offers a convenient way to pay your monthly dues. To enroll, download and print the AutoPay Form, and drop it off in an envelope along with a cancelled check of the account you'd like the dues to be deducted from.
Funds are deducted on or around the 15th (fifteenth) of each month.
For any questions about the process, please contact the Board via the Resident Inquiry page.

Statements/Payment Coupons

A pre-printed coupon book is mailed to you at the start of each year, and new property owners recieve them in their Welcome package.
If you would like a copy of your payment history or additional payment coupons sent to you, please contact the board via the Resident Inquiry page.

Get Involved!

Your Las Brisas home is a major investment and each of us is a member of the Association. Our association is self-run by volunteer owners who serve on the Board of Directors or on committees that deal with a particular aspect of the community.

If you'd like to contribute your time or resources to our community, please email the board or give us a call using the contact information at the bottom of this page. You can also join a monthly board meeting to share ideas and suggestions.

Board meetings usually take place on the 3rd Thursday of each month, at 7PM in the clubhouse. These are open to all - residents as well as homeowners.
Refer to the Calendar for the most up-to-date schedule.

We're currently looking for assistance on the following topics:

  • Community Newsletter
  • Handling Voicemail messages
  • Accounting/budgeting suggestions
  • Landscaping/community building projects
  • Maintaining Resident contact information
  • Maintaining the Rules and Regulations documents
  • Assisting with Maintenance requests


Mailing Address:
1753 E. Broadway Rd.
Suite #101-301
Tempe, AZ 85282

Email: Contact Form
(fastest method)


Fax: 480-303-5323


Mailing Address:
1753 E. Broadway Rd.
Suite #101-301
Tempe, AZ 85282
Fax: 480-303-5323

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Tempe Police:

Graffiti Hotline: 480-350-8384

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